Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Green thumb

These are our new veggie pots. SJ and I went off to Bunnings (mega hardware store) last Saturday with a plan to buy timber, soil and seeds to start our very own balcony veggie patch. We had discussed growing some things from cuttings/baby pots as we'd stand less chance of killing the more temperamental types.

After an hour in there (in which we almost argued) we ended up buying pots to grow our veggies and herbs in. It allowed us more freedom for moving them around the sunny spots on the balcony, was a lot easier than building a single elevated garden bed and it wasn't much more expensive. We ended up getting most of our veggie/herbs as baby plants too. Was about the same price as a packet of seeds (though seeds may give you 50 plants instead of 3 or 4...but who can fit 50 plants on a balcony!?).

Our selection includes:

Strawberries, 4 varieties for choice and because I'm sure I'll kill at least 1.

Tomatoes, cherry, large italian and cherry roman. Mostly for the variety, if we kill these we'll be in trouble. At least at home in QLD they grow like weeds. With basil growing (I hope) from seed in the base of the pot.
Chillies and capsicum, each grown in their own little pot from seed. Apparently their soil has cooties.

Mint also growing in it's own pot. Not because it has cooties but because it wants to run free like a virus.
Snow peas, baby leaf spinach, spring oinions and lettuce to cover our summer greens.

And a variety of herbs, coriander, chives, parsley, rosemary and thyme. No sage, but that doesn't stop the phrase 'Are you going to Scarborough Fair?' from dancing through my mind. Maybe I should plant some sage...

I'm excited about our little plants. It is rather fun to have a grown-up couple project going on. It will be even more exciting when our seeds start to sprout and our fruiting plants flower and fruit. And being able to cut fresh herbs will make cooking more fun :-) not that I do much of that anyway, that's SJ's department (aren't I a lucky girl?). Actually, that might make a good post for tomorrow. SJ's cooking :-)

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