Thursday, September 22, 2011

Road to Recovery

The picture above is what my arm looked like under it's cast over the weekend. While I will admit the flash on my phone overexposed the photo a little, it really was that yellow with bruising.

It turns out that dislocating your elbow is a serious injury, here I was thinking that they'd pop it back in (official term is 'reducing') and I'd be good to go. No such luck.

I spent my first week after my accident pretty much in bed/on couch. Too much movement exhausted me like I'd run for and hour. I had my first follow-up appointment this week and got a nice new fiberglass cast, which is lighter and shorted, so I can move my wrist again.

I have at least the next week with this one and possibly another after that, then a few weeks with splints and slings. It's not painful now but there is a constant dull ache which becomes a more severe ache if I'm moved around to much. From the reading I've found on forums and the web, it could be a full year before it's back to normal and on 80-90% of cases people never get a full extension back.

Wasn't happy about that, I think I'd rather have broken my arm and know that once it was fixed I'd be okay. I did a lot of damage to ligaments but how ripped/torn/stretched they are won't really be obvious until I'm allowed to move it. Last time it was out of the cast my range was rather limited.

Planning to hire a one-on-one personal trainer as soon as SJ has a job. Could be a while though, he received another rejection today :-( at least me being injured is giving him something to do, he's driving me home from work right now :-)

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