Sunday, May 8, 2011


I finished up at work on Friday, was very surreal. I'm not sure I'm ready to move to Melbourne, it feels like something other people do, not me. Work was a little stressful over the last week too, a nasty project that I didn't manage to finish. It reminded me that I do want my new job at least :-)

One week to go though. This time next week I should be down there or at least on a plane. Hopefully by then it will have sunk in a little more.

I've started saying my goodbyes, had a few friends over today and I will be visiting family most of this week. And packing, I still haven't done much to get ready...

I've been looking at places to rent as well, a lot of options but I don't have a rental history so it might be a little harder for me. Fingers crossed. Not much I can do about it til I'm there though.

Not having to go to work tomorrow will definitely help. I'll be running errands and spending time with mum but I will be able to make a start to my packing. Not particularly looking forward to it though.

So much to do!

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