Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am in Melbourne!

Well this is it. I have just landed in Melbourne after a rather hectic week of packing and farewells. Had a few days of solid family visiting time where I had a sleepover with some younger cousins and shared myself around with a few others.

Thursday and Friday were packing days, which included culling more of my belongings as I packed things up. Still ended up with a rather decent load on the truck, I hope I have space for it at the other end! Movers were also rather late on Friday, it was around 4:30pm by the time they finished their other jobs. Luckily for them I'm organised and had piles of things for them to pack, rather than cupboards.

Saturday and today were family days. Last night in particular was a lot of fun. My boyfriend stayed over (very, very rare) and he and my three sisters and I played lego before dinner. One of my sisters (who is an instructor) gave the rest of us a zumba lesson (I'm terrible btw) and after dinner we all played cards. Was a really good night.

Today was a bit of a lazy day, I have a bit of a head cold so I even had a nap. Then a bit of a late family lunch before heading off to the airport.

A predictably emotional farewell at the gate and an uneventful flight down and I'm here. Now I just need to adjust to the cold...

[Written in the taxi on the way to the hotel, sent a few days later when I remembered to post it!]

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