Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The waiting game...

I applied for a job!

I know, not particularly big news in itself, but the job is in Melbourne, around 3000kms from where I currently live. If I get it I'll have to move my life in a matter of weeks...leaving my family and boyfriend behind. Though it should only be a few months before he follows me there :-)

Now I'm playing the waiting game. Applications for the job closed last Thursday, but as it's only Tuesday it's not surprising that I haven't heard anything yet. Particularly not when the job is for a branch of the federal government and we all know they're slow.

I'm a little over excited about it though, I think I'm setting myself up rather nicely for disappointment. I'm a planner, so I've already looked at rental properties and share houses and which suburbs I'd want to live in, where and how to get cheap furniture (gumtree looks like the best bet), tram lines and bike paths (so I know how I want to get to work)...way too excited and I don't even have an interview for it!

I've also started a major clean out of my room. Not directly linked to this, I'd been planning to do it for a while and my boyfriend was away last week being a lycra groupie at the Tour Down Under (only the like totally biggest bike race Australia hosts) so I had two free weekends. I live with my family and we moved into this house early in 2008 and I still haven't got myself organised. Late in 2009, I got a great Ikea cupboard inset with photos from my Europe trip (a Contiki tour, winter 07-08) in the doors. Looks awesome but nothing in it was organised and I just sort of squished everything in. So I've started doing a massive cull, everything from clothes and old toys to old electronics and paperwork.

Big job but I'm getting through it.

Added bonus will be that if I get this job I'll be a bit more organised if I have to move interstate. I'm so nervous about it though, fingers crossed I hear something by the end of the week :-S

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