Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crossing my fingers

I'm really hoping I get this job. I heard back from HR people, someone from the selection group has had to take unexpected leave so it has delayed the process a little but they expect I will hear something (either way) next week. So I'm crossing my fingers rather tightly in the hope I get an interview

It's so hard not knowing how popular the role is likely to be, or who might apply for it. Any other position I have applied for, I've had a reasonable idea of what the competition is and how I stack up. Good grades in school and at uni have meant I was a reasonable candidate for any teenage jobs and graduate positions, but this is so different. For all I know there is someone with 10 years experience in this specific role wanting this job too...or just a few other people like me with relative experience in the field but nothing in this actual job. It's really doing my head in.

I'm mentally trying to prepare myself for both possibilities but I'm just too hopeful and too much of a dreamer. And I don't cope well with rejection so this could be very bad. I'm going to assume it all goes well and deal with the consequences if it doesn't. I know this job is perfect for me, I just hope I'm perfect for it too. I think I may be at risk of looking like an excited puppy if I do get an interview...

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