Monday, February 7, 2011

It doesn't end.

Thankfully Yasi wasn't quite as bad as predicted and few lives were lost (only 1 to date and he died because he was running a generator in an enclosed room during the storm). A lot of far-north Queensland has still been terribly affected though. After the floods and the cyclone, Queensland will take a while to recover...and the season isn't over. On top of that there are still floods occurring throughout the country and even worse, major bushfires in Western Australia.

Today also marks the second anniversary of the Black Saturday Bushfires in Victoria. An event worse than any of the recent floods because so many people lost their lives. Right now Victoria is in flood through most of its major systems. Definitely a land of contrasts.

As for me, I had a good weekend. Very productive in the organising/cleaning of my room, I'm basically done :-)

On the job front, I emailed the HR department inquiring about the selection process and how long it was likely to take. I haven't heard back yet...I need to know!!

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