Monday, March 28, 2011

Local Romance

I've been meaning to upload these pictures for a while, I noticed them leaving home the other day.

It all started on Valentine's day, one of the 'Keep Left' signs on the roundabout at the end of the street had a cardboard sign taped over it that read 'I will never stop missing you'.

Then a few weeks later more signs appeared. The original sign was replaced with 'Your so amazing' (obviously not my spelling error), on the actual roundabout was a sign that read 'And beautiful'. There are three roundabouts in a row as a highway crossing and there were signs on all three. The other signs read 'Sexy and smart', 'One in a million' and 'Love yourself like I love you'.

I have no idea who they are meant for or who they're from but I love them. I think it's partly because I've created a tragic back story in my head about the boy who was left by an insecure girl for another guy who isn't treating her right.

Then again, it could be a ex who can't get any closer to her house than those roundabouts without breaking a DVO or something.

I'm hoping for the romance option though :-)

In other news, I got the contract for the job today. Need to read through it tonight. Pay is what I was hoping for and they'll pay relocation expenses. Not sure on a start date yet though and I need to know that before I tell my current work anything.

Eek. It's becoming more real now.

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