Monday, March 7, 2011


I got an interview. Next Tuesday via video conference, would have been great to fly down and even better if it had been on Friday when I'll be down there for the weekend! But still, I'm very happy that there has finally been some progress in the selection process and even happier that I made it through :-)

Now I need to start preparing for it. It has been a while since I've had an interview and it's government so I'm guessing I'll need to go over all those general type of interview questions. Plus memorising my selection criteria responses.

I also need to work out an outfit. That's the fun part. I'd decided I would buy myself a new suit or at least part of, but it doesn't seem worth it for a video interview. Will have to settle for my existing one and get a new shirt. At least I won't need to bother with stockings. I figured I should in Melbourne as it's a little colder and the general dress is more professional there (lots of black) but in Brisbane I definitely won't bother. Every chance it will be well over 30 degrees anyway.

So there you go. I have an interview. Phew. Was getting a little worried I wouldn't make it that far.
Busy week ahead, flying down to Wagga Wagga on a 5am flight on Wednesday, driving to Canberra and flying back Thursday night. Also a few football games this weekend with the NRL season kicking off (my favourite) and the A-League finishing up.

I feeling a lot happier now :-)

Oh and do you like my vegetable men? I used to draw them when I was a kid (The tales of Carrothead and Peabody) and watched a movie on the weekend (The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - I was with young cousins) and was reminded. Got bored today and redrew them :-)

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