Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is my town.

Not the best picture I know, but it was taken on my phone as I walked to the train station (EDIT: The photo didn't upload at all, I included a better one with the next post). Something new I'm trying. I used to catch the train but I work on the wrong side of the city and then also need to catch a bus, which are incredibly unreliable. I also work at the very top of a large hill.

Anyway, public transport is free in Brisbane this week to keep people of the roads as the town gets itself back on its feet. So I thought I'd use it as a trial. That and it took me 1.5 hours to drive into work on Monday morning, ridiculous in anyone's books.

Worked well today, caught the bus up the hill to work but walked down at the end of the day. Even went to a station further along the line :-) feeling rather please with myself and think the 3km walk counts as a significant improvement in my usual exercise.

As for my town, Brisbane, I'm quite proud of how it's getting back on its feet. The 'mud army' was out all weekend helping people clean out their houses and there are piles and piles of debris in the badly affected areas.

This blog is about me though, if you want to find out more about the Brisbane Floods then Google it :-P
I'm on the train now, about to get to work on my laptop. Working on my resume for a job application I've found that I'm excited about. Will share more tomorrow :-)

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